Monday, February 8, 2010

Park Guell

Barcelona, from the summit of Park Guell

Approaching the park terrace

Gaudi park benches

Vicki on one of the benches


More of the park

Grill work at the entrance

In the market area; the columns only look

Guadian reptile

From the entrance to the terrace

Gaudi also designed a residential neighborhood and park. The neighborhood thing flopped--too few buyers/investors--and so was scrapped, but the city later acquired the property as a park, the Park Guell (his patron), another Gaudi monument.

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A.L. said...

Your photos are beautiful. I spent a considerable amount of time in Barcelona, and I miss it horribly. While you're there, you should go down to the Port (by Maremagnum) with cheap bread and feed the birds. There might be fish there too, but usually that's only in the summer (I guess they swim to warmer waters in the cold). There is a little restaurant called Take Away to the right when you are looking down Las Ramblas from MareMagnum. You can by food there and eat it while you feed the fish, if you want to make an evening of it. Just a friendly suggestion from an almost native (my fiance lives there).