Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not Enough Dali

Dali's copy of Rubens' copy of Michaelangelo's copy of ...

Velazquez is Spain's most revered painter;
the Prado guide says flatly that Las
Meninas is the greatest of all works of art;
so Velazquez comes into a full and fair share
of abuse at the Dali; this one is titled "The
Girl with the Pearl"

And this one "Landlord looking in to see
what the crazy painter is up to..."

And this one is the unfinished portrait of Gala, originally
designed to incorporate 1,000 mirrors...

Ceiling of the great hall, the Ascension of
Gala and Salvador into Heaven; alas, my
lens couldn't get it all, but do look into his

Tapestry of "The Persistence of Memory"

Dali also did jewelry (what didn't he do?);
these are the very famous telephone earrings

The red heart inside actually throbs

Grave of the artist

Vicki on the egg bench; art appreciation is hard work

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