Sunday, February 7, 2010

And On To Barcelona

Peniscola is artichoke country; don't ask me about the
symbolism; but we really like artichokes...

They also do potted plants here, big-time;
these are 20-30 foot palms, in pots

And ancient olive trees, in pots large enough to swim in

Miami Beach

At length, the road snaked up the seaside cliffs and went
on for miles

And miles, on cliffs hovering over the Mediterranean

Before finally dropping into greater Barcelona

Welcome to Barcelona!

We followed the coast pretty much to Barcelona, arriving in the mid-afternoon. Our campsite was perhaps our least attractive yet, and also one of the most expensive...the Forum Park n' Ride, 25 euros a night, no services, but a safe place to park and a 15 minute tram and Metro ride into the heart of the great city. There weren't many spaces left!

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