Friday, June 12, 2009

To Sweden

Monet's very famous "RV in a field with trees"

Our first full day in Sweden, Friday, has been, um, interesting. From Helsingborg, after getting some Swedish kronors and tourist literature, we drove down to Ystad, in southeastern Skane, to see Ale's Stones, a giant ship-shaped stone circle on the coast. We have been parked at the Ale's Stones parking lot (N 55 23.311, E 14 03.818) since Thursday evening, along with half a dozen other motorhomes. Sweden is very permissive about such camping.

The weather has been less permissive. Gale force wind has been blowing since we got here, with rain to match, and temperatures in the 50s. Our 7,500 lb camper is being buffeted in the wind. Fortunately it is water-tight, and I consider this a pretty good test of its water-tightness. As we have been sitting here today, perhaps a dozen other parties have driven up, donned very minimal rain gear (if any), and walked out the 1 km to see the Stones. They arrive back thoroughly soaked and chilled, presumably, to the bone. We are sitting tight, reading, writing, re-organizing (as always). Surely this gale will be over soon.

11 PM update. It's still raining, but the winds have died down. This has been good: we needed a day off.

Saturday morning update. Still raining. We are parked, still, about 200 meters from the sea and the little enclosed harbor for the fishing village of Kaseberga. Even at the height of the storm yesterday, I must note, someone was out in the waves in a wetsuit, surfing. Such devotion!

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