Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Entrance to Tivoli

Typical Tivoli scene

Is this Pirates of the Caribbean?

Group bungy; they would never do it this way in New Zealand

Another high ride, spiraling back down

Hard Rock Cafe, among the many restaurants; Bruce Springsteen will appear this summer, they said

Many of the acts were amateurs or wannabes or school groups

I suspect the same ploy as with Missoula Children's Theater and other organizations; involve as many kiddies as possible, parents and grandparents are obliged to buy tickets...

Also right across from the City Hall, ground zero downtown Copehagen, is Tivoli, the grand-daddy of all amusement parks, founded in the 1850s. (We could hear screams from the rides in the Glyptotek). It covers, very economically, about 4 city blocks, and contains beautiful gardens, pavillions, concert stages, dozens of rides, arcades, and some 56 restaurants, cafes and beer gardens...very urbane and very family at the same time, at least on this Sunday afternoon. Many people our age were out, enjoying the sunshine, dining, drinking, etc. It was a very pleasant experience and a very different way (to us) of doing an amusement park. It was all the more pleasant for me since Vicki did not want to do any of the rides, some very violent, which are priced separately.

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stacey said...

That bungee jump looks wild. Hmmmm; not sure I'd do it! OK, I am sure I would NOT do it!