Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tiergarten, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Memorials, Monuments, Air Ministry, Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall...and on to Lubeck

The Reichstag, the German Parliament...quite a tortured history

Goethe Monument in Tiergarten Park (almost as large as Phoenix Park in Dublin)

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Inside the Sony Center, near KulturForum

Goering's Air Ministry, one of the few 3rd Reich edifices not much damaged in WWII (probably reflecting the Allies' low estimation of Goering's strategic abilities); it's presently the Ministry of Finance


Checkpoint Charlie; now Tourist Trap Tommy

Vicki at the Wall

Monday was our last day in Berlin. After breaking camp again at the Avus, we drove into the city and parked on the Tiergarten, near the Kulturforum, allowing me to walk around a bit of the park, all the way to the Reichstag, and back. Dozens of sites, scenes, some in the pix above, many quite moving. Later we drove to the Friedrichstrasse area, and took in the various sites there, the largely-intact headquarters of Goering's Luftwaffe and many of the other evils he managed (now the ministry of finance), Checkpoint Charlie, and the Wall. See illustrations. You'd think the Wall was maybe 9th or 10th century, given what little is left of it. Anyway, having thus done Berlin, and feeling very pleased with it, we proceeded on to the autobahn and to Lubeck, where we stayed for a night in an actual campground.

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