Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shattering Incident in Lubeck

Ouch! But it was a nice band-aid

"Our" Mercedes-Benz dealer in Lubeck

Tuesday morning we undertook another reorganization of the camper, and I worked some more on the still-not-fully-functioning converter. We were going to do some heavy-duty grocery shopping in advance of our trip to expensive Scandinavia, but, in the Citti shopping center parking lot, I managed to back the Grey Wanderer into a signpost, breaking one of the back windows in the van. Horrors! Curses!

Vicki took all this calmly, stoically almost. I did not. Within a few minutes, however, we were at the Mercedes Benz dealership in Lubeck, arranging for repair. Unfortunately, the replacement window had to come from Hamburg, and won't be done until Wednesday. The Mercedes people (complimentary expresso, chai) did clean up the mess of glass and install a plastic sheet over the window frame (with a nice Mercedes logo) so we could carry on. We did a little more grocery shopping, then spent the night, with several other RVs, at the Congress of Music parking lot just across the river from the Altes Stadt.

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Rebecca said...

Hmmm... your track record with rear windows seems to be worsening... two in one year! Glad you could find a repair so easily, even if it was expensive.