Thursday, June 18, 2009


Wednesday was part work, part sight-seeing. Early in the AM, we drove over to Viking Cruise Lines, looking into the over-nighter to Helsinki (farther than we want to drive). Vicki accomplished her usual feat: trip to Helsinki and back for two, cabin (not steerage) for two nights, $53. Total. Meals extra. After more camper maintenance, we took the subway and bus to Skansen, spending the rest of the day there.

Skansen is billed as the world's largest outdoor museum, and it must be that. Perhaps a square mile. It is part natural history, part Swedish/Scandinavian history, part zoo, part aquarium, part performances and re-enactments. We took in what we could in 8 hours, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

A Sami hut in the Lappland sector of Skansen; the whole thing is arranged to reflect Sweden's geogrpahy

Interior of a (wealthy) 19th century farm house

Peacocks were everywhere

Folk music performance on a hurdy-gurdy, an instrument I'd never seen before

Folk dancing

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