Friday, June 12, 2009


Monday morning we drove from Copenhagen to Roskilde. We had intended to see Roskilde anyway (see subsequent posts; it's a neat place), and the campground administrator in Copenhagen had recommended a camper dealer in Roskilde to look at our defective 220/110 converter. The museum we were interested in in Copenhagen was closed on Monday, so we drove to Roskilde. As it turned out, the dealer could not help us explain why the converter works fine in household situations but trips the switches at campgrounds. We spent our 41st anniversary eating Danish sausages and me drinking Carlsberg at a lay-by outside Roskilde.

We had noticed a Mercedes dealer nearby and were growing concerned about a”hesitation” phenomenon getting worse with the Grey Wanderer, so Tuesday we paid Mercedes another visit. They diagnosed and fixed the problem (some sort of regulator) (on warranty) in relatively short order. At that point we decided to do the wash in Roskilde, so wound up spending another night there. Wednesday morning we drove back to Copenhagen to continue our tour there.

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