Friday, June 12, 2009

Roskilde Cathedral

The Roskilde Cathedral west towers

Cathedral interior

Organ; anno 1632

The royal box

Harald Bluetooth, who unified Denmark in the 10th century, is buried in the column

Queen Margarethe's tomb; she was queen of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in the 14th century

King Christian X and his wife Queen Alexandrine; when the occupying Germans decreed in 1941 that all Danish Jews were to wear Star of David armbands, Christian responded by wearing one himself; the rest of the Danish population followed his example

The Roskilde Cathedral is another high red brick cathedral, built between 1170 and 1280, originally Romansque, eventually Gothic. It is unusual in that it is not cruciform. Rather, it has had a number of chapels and other additions built on to it over the centuries—Roskilde Cathedral is the burial site of most Danish royalty, going back to Harald Bluetooth himself. It is a beautiful, high church, very well preserved, and the tombs of all the kings and queens of Denmark and associated memorials add to the interest.

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