Friday, June 12, 2009

Helsingor (Elsinore) and the Kronborg

Strengthening of Kronborg's fortifications continues

The tower, from the courtyard

More castle

The Hamlet plaque

The Shakespeare section of the gift shop;
Unemployed Philosophers Guild very well

Battlement cannons; it was the Prince Consort's
 71st birthday, so there was a 21 gun salute at mid-day

Being disgorged from the Hamlet

Museumed-out, we left Copenhagen, a great place, and drove north to Helsingor, the ferry to Sweden, and the Kronborg castle. We stayed at an actual camground (our second in Denmark) on the beach, facing Sweden. Thursday, after dumping, refilling, and other camper-related things, we visited Kronborg, presumably the Elsinore castle of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Happily, we were able to see enough of it, even in a driving rain, to satisfy our curiosity, without paying the $20 admission fee. We've seen enough royal furnishings and furniture to hold us for a while.

We drove on to the ferry (the Hamlet; I swear; see illustration) and sailed off, in more driving rain, to Helsingborg, Sweden, a mile or two across the channel, from Helsingor. And more driving rain. We'll be back in Denmark in several weeks, and will see more of it, particularly Jelling and the Jelling rune stones and some other things. But for the priciness of the place, we have greatly enjoyed Denmark.

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