Monday, June 8, 2009

Han Christian Anderson Center

The Hans Christian Anderson center

Birth house, adjoins the center; he was born into abject poverty

Displays like this cover every year of his life

The collection of editions and translations

The rotunda in the center of the complex has six or eight murals, numerous statues, etc.

Friday we drove to the middle island (Denmark is part mainland Europe, part a bunch of islands) and to Odense to visit the Hans Christian Anderson Center, one of the largest and best writer centers I have ever seen. He is, of course, the national literary hero, maybe simply the national hero (judging from monuments, gift-store fare). Interestingly, to me, the Fairy Tales were just a side-light. Most of his life he strove to be a novelist and playwright, and received recognition in Denmark rather late in his life, long after the Tales had covered the world.

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