Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carremor Tombs and Drumcliffe

Grand tomb at Carramor; a huge mound with inner courtyard and chambers

Dolmen within the tomb

Circle with dolmen, a few hundred feet away

More stone circles in the complex

We spent most of the morning querying and researching German customs regulations about receiving the Grey Wanderer in Bremerhaven. There are always complications, and our shipper has not served us well in alerting us to costs and other matters. More on all this as it develops.

After lunch we began our drive to Northern Ireland, through Sligo, Donegal, Derry, and beyond to Bushmill, where we are presently camped. It rained throughout the day but let up this evening just long enough for us to pitch our trusty and so far water-proof tent.

Our major stop of the day was at the Carramore Tombs just west of Sligo. This is another enormous megalithic complex...dozens of passage graves, dolmens, stone circles and the rest. Here, however, they are almost unimaginably old, going well past 6,000 years.

Then just north of Sligo, we stopped at Drumcliffe, the site of Yeats' grave, and itself a site of considerable interest, the monastery dating back to 574. The little church was a model of simplicity and beauty.

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mel ulm said...

Your mention of Sligo for sure brought to mind thoughts of Yeats. I have been reading and reading his poetry on and off for twenty years now and I know how much he loved Sligo.