Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle



I swear I did not make this up; it was right next to the stone, just in case of pandemic...

In the Rock Close

We had to do it. In China, you have to do the Great Wall. Here, you have to kiss the Blarney Stone. Actually, it was fun, climbing the great keep, witty and interesting signage all the way. The Rock Close adjoining the old castle was a treat in itself, dolmen and other stones, water features, great trees, and rhododendrons in full bloom. It was just the beginning of a great day.

May 5, 2009-- Blarney, Ireland

Got here 5 minutes too late to see the Blarney Castle and Stone today. We want to get there early in the morning if possible to avoid the crowds. Even though May is off season there are still a lot of tourists around—not many camping though. I estimate the temperature at night is in the mid to upper 40s and upper 50s in the daytime, but the wind seems to howl all the time. As we approach the Atlantic I imagine it will get even stronger. Yesterday we finally found a normal supermarket where food was not too outrageous. I bought what was on sale that I could cook with 1 pot and 1 burner and no cooler. Last night we had chicken patties that had been frozen and therefor would keep along with rice and a jar of Tika Masala sauce from Uncle Ben's—with salad and strawberries and cream, it was really quite good and enough leftovers for tonight. Since our current campground has a freezer and nice indoor kitchen space, I cooked the frozen hamburger and mixed up a jar of spaghetti sauce and cooked the spaghetti. Will refreeze tonight in two bags to have for dinner the next two nights. We do have an insulated bag but just no way to keep ice. We are going to think we have reached Nirvana when we and the camper finally meet up. Heat, refrigeration, a two burner stove and you don't have to trek across the field in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom!

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