Saturday, September 1, 2018

Ten Years And Counting...

Ten years ago, August 31st, 2008, just retired, we embarked on our present journeys, leaving Missoula, stopping in San Francisco just long enough to re-group and say good-bye, and then winging west to Tokyo and then Beijing. Most of it is recounted in my original blog post, We celebrated our ten years last night with a nice steak dinner and a movie...and a little champagne and Obidos liqueur. Interestingly, and coincidentally, we are in the Tetons, enjoying a few days of R&R en route to Missoula. Grand Teton National Park was our first love and still favorite among the great national parks. We found it in 1970 on our first cross-country road trip--we already had the travel bug--and have returned more times than we can count.

Eventually, I suppose, we'll stop traveling. But not in the foreseeable future. We're still having too much fun.
A room in our Missoula apartment, just hours before departure...all to be put in
storage, given away, trashed...

Sleeping arrangements the last few nights in Missoula, after our bedroom
furniture had gone into storage...

Final packing at Rebecca's

First picture of us together, embarked, retired, at the
Forbidden City

My first artsy blog post

The counter on our website attests to all this...

Celebrating ten years...we thought we'd compile a list of the 100 best sites and
experiences of the ten years...but we reached a hundred well before even the
first year was over...maybe we'll do a list of 1,000...later