Monday, July 3, 2017

St. Martin Parish Church, Fromista: Interior

A few more miles down the road--along which runs miles of the Camino de Santiago Frances--still in Palencia, is the small town of Fromista, which hosts one of the more marvelous Romanesque churches we have seen. St. Martin's (of Tours) is first mentioned in texts in 1066. The architecture is classic Romanesque, repaired and renovated at the end of the 19th century, all beautifully preserved and presented. The architecture is wonderful, but it is the sculpture, mostly the capitals, that really get your attention. Then, on the outside, there are 309 carved corbels--funny faces!--most ever! And that will require an additional post.
St. Martins, Fromista

Different view

Helpful model, showing the damage prior to re-construction
beginning in 1896

Different view of model


Bow to stern

Stern to bow


Several nice Romanesque-era polychromes...

St. Martin himself; 12th century, as I recall

"Buen Camino, Pilgrim!"

Incense bomb, often seen in Camino churches (water was scarce
in those times)



A selection of the beautiful capitals
Construction theme?

But wait! There's more...

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