Tuesday, July 4, 2017

En Route To The Boi Valley

Our visit to Spain and Portugal was coming to an end. In less than a week, we'd be boarding a plane back to the US. The last few days saw us galloping across central Spain toward the Pyrenees, turning right at Aragon, and then into the Catalonian mountains to see the Romanesque churches whose murals feature very prominently at the national museum in Barcelona. The heat was pretty relentless, the shade pretty sparse, so we mostly just kept going...
World Heritage Site, Fromista (pretty much anything on the
Camino is; as we saw in France)

Back in the land of stork infestation

Right across from the church in Fromista

Thank you, Rotarians

Hundreds of kilometers from Santiago

The signage can appear almost anywhere

We stayed at the aire in Fromista, which is part of the municipal
recreation complex, and which includes the local fronton

Miles down the road, now in Aragon, I think, another Roman

The birds circled above; "look alive!"

What was really interesting, however, was the gorge that opens
out to this spot

Hill top town


And another

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