Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Raqchi And The Temple Of Wiracocha

The Raqchi complex is still some miles from Cusco, on one of the many Inca roads. It had administrative, military, commercial, and religious purposes. Most impressive are its 4 km city wall, its scores of round storehouses, and its Wiracocha Temple, largest of all known Inca roofed structures.
A look at the city walls, here atop a terraced hill

Artificial pond and irrigation channel

First look at the temple--300-some feet long, 82 feet wide

Eleven columns supported the sloping roof

Our guide shows how it was constructed

View from stern

The one remaining intact column

Now looking into a housing/administrative
section; note leaning walls; the trapezoid was
the Inca construction ideal, especially for walls
in earthquake country; the whole wall, you
might say, is integrally-buttressed

Among the scores of round storage buildings, called quilqas;
all 33 feet in diameter; this one has been reconstructed,
most others just the stone foundation; why so  many?
you ask: armies march on their stomachs, as Napoleon
(or Fred the Great) once said; everywhere else in the empire,
the storage buildings were rectangular; no one knows why
the round construction here

Full view of central structure of Temple; the little roofs are
modern, to prevent further degradation by rain

In the municipal area

Spare parts

Our first large Inca ruins...impressive; and not even on a

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