Wednesday, March 15, 2017


We got back to Puno early enough to spend an hour or so looking at the historical center, the cathedral, Plaza de Armas and a few streets and shops.


Since the Incas are not counted among the great navigators, one
assumes this must be of Spanish Catholic iconography; anyone
know of a mermaid saint? We saw this image quite a few times

Inside, the usual

Plaza de Armas

Had to share one of these

Most of Puno's traffic--most of Peru's urban traffic--is taxis

Back in our hotel; I never had to use one of these, but, at
12,000 feet, it was comforting to know they were around; in
Cusco we bought more Diamox (OTC), upping the dosage
to 250mg; that brought some relief...which was good, since
the Inca Trail lay before us...

Hotel decor

These angelic pix, mostly archangels, were
quite popular in the 16th century, and copies
are seen everywhere

Leaving Puno the next morning...these are among the few
buildings not surmounted by rebar; one gets a variety of stories
about why this is; mostly a tax dodge, I surmise

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