Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Our first stop on the Puno to Cusco trip was the town of Pukara with its archaeological site and museum. The site dates from 1800 BC with a zenith around 200 BC. It was an administrative and religious center for the Pukara culture, north of Lake Titicaca.
The Santa Isabel parish church across from the museum; also

Items in the museum found at the Pukara site;
yes, this is about decapitation, human sacrifice,

Pukara and Pukara-style ceramics have been
found all over Peru

Among the stelae found at the site
Guarding the church yard

Approaching the Pukara site; I am hanging back in order to
take pix and also to breathe; "keep breathing; that's the key;
breathe"--Gimli, Son of Gloin

Several stepped pyramids

Our luxury tourist bus; best yet

Sunken courtyard


Nearby school

Modern Pukara, population around 2,000

Still processing this one, although it must have something to
do with insects or birds...

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