Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lima, 2

More not quite random pix of Lima...
National drink of Peru: remember, if you're old
enough, Juicy Fruit chewing gum; imagine, if
you can, making it into a carbonated beverage;
add a couple tablespoons of sugar per 330ml;
Coca Cola was so threatened by Inca Cola,
which dates from 1935, it upped the sugar
content of its beverage; and finally bought 20%
of Inca Cola; comes in sugar-free version; not

Urban sprawl creeping up the mountain

Very important building in historic district

French embassy? We never did find out

Estadio Nacional; it actually loomed over our hotel; there was a
game on our first night there; the thunderous roars of the crowd,
palpable even, continuing on into the wee hours...

Our hosteria, despite its other defects, was
overly decorated in folk stuff

I particularly liked the three wise guys


Juggling for tips at an intersection; we saw this in Santiago, too

Inca Cola delivery trike

More tuk-tuks here than in India; and throughout Peru, too

Major thoroughfare out in the burbs

Rio Rimac, Lima's major water source

Down-river from Lima, thankfully

The Queen of Heaven looks on

At the airport, varieties of coca candy
Another huge, decentralized ciity

The Estadio Nacional; our hosteria was just the other side of

Swinging out over the Pacific before turning
to higher, much cooler Arequipa, in the Andes

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