Thursday, March 30, 2017

Inca Trail, 2

Continuing on the Camino Inka...
Vicki climbing to the top of Wayna Whatever (she's in her
yellow's still raining)

In the ruins at Winnie Winona

The sacred five-windowed whatever

I can't believe we've climbed all the way up from the river

Along the terraces

View from the other side

Bromeliad parasite

Closer up

"You did pack the bear spray, didn't you?!"

The Gringo Killer

Vicki conquering the Gringo Killer

From the top

Formal entrance to Machu Picchu, the Sun Gate

First view of Machu Picchu

For some hours we had been aware that, at our pace, we were
cutting it very close, that is, catching the last bus (5:30PM)
down the 10 mile road to Machu Picchu town and our hotel;
missing it would have entailed walking down the 10 miles on
this road; and Charlie would have had two very unhappy

So we picked up the pace, snapping fewer pix than usual, and
eschewing the walking sticks

Part of our day's route crossed this mountain

Looking back to the Sun Gate

But we made it on to the last bus, along with employees from
the park, the gift shoppe, the snack bar, etc; here is the
Urabumba in Machu Picchu town (formerly Agua Caliente); a
week later it was totally out of control and had killed some
scores of people along its course

Famous statue of The Inca (it's just Quechuan
for "king"), with all his attributes (puma,
condor, serpent, guinea pig)

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Tawana said...

Beautiful! Can't believe you walked that trail.