Tuesday, March 14, 2017


At length, we arrived at Coporaque and our hotel, elevation somewhere between 11,000 and 12,000 feet. No longer gasping, but not out jogging either.
Mountains to the west; what we could not see until the next
morning was the big, very active volcano lying behind the

The hills and mountains are covered in terraces, pre-Incan, our
guide said

As we drove through the village square, I noticed what
appeared to me to be a full dress rehearsal for a very big folk
extravaganza, big even for this little village of some hundreds

Our hotel, wings branching to all sides

Dinner menu; only one copy

I opted for the alpaca steak; probably it was the altitude and
the long day of fighting between the guide and the Swiss
woman; Vicki had two bites; tastes like a thin slice of over-
cooked beef; very lean and very healthy, the guide said;
another once in a lifetime experience...

With high anticipation, I walked into the village; the band and
the procession had disappeared

Although many costumed people still were milling about

Later Vicki joined me and we explored bits of
the square; the only Gringos around

Not all the bits

The square has eight arched entrances

Communicating with extraterrestrial aliens from outer space

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