Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Colca Canyon

Depending on which tourist destination you favor, there is disagreement about which canyon in Peru is the world's deepest. Colca is the traditional choice. But all of them are V-shaped, and picking the high point, with all the high mountains around, can seem rather arbitrary. However you slice it, Colca is about twice the depth of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. But the latter is more impressive and picturesque than Colca by about the same factor. We can say that confidently now.
The plan was to stop a mile or so short of Cross of the Condors,
and walk to the mirador there

Terrain across the canyon

Cross of the Condors mirador

Looking downstream into Colca Canyon

There were wispy clouds down low, but nothing obstructive

Closer up

Our path

Looking back upstream

Us, there, about 12,000 feet

A little waterfall across the way, probably 600-800 feet...

The condors put on quite a show

Certainly the best condor shot I'll ever get; will magnify and
crop later when I have learned more of GIMP 2.8 [click to enlarge]

One of several miradors; there's a condor, dead-center up,
wowing the crowd

Cross of the Condors

Right here we are 1,200 meters above the river, and the canyon
top is said to be 3,200 meters above the river

Colca Canyon

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