Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I'm not sure why we stopped in Chivay. It's a regional center, perhaps, although there's little to the region...some mining, some ag, some tourism. Few people. Anyhow, we spent a while there before proceeding 5 miles down the road to our hotel and dinner.
Paying road tolls

Street scene

We checked out the small central market

Attempting to communicate with extraterrestrial aliens from
outer space

The square and main drag are lined with these more than life-
sized painted statues of characters of local legend and lore...

And in English too

We'd see a lot more of this that evening, the
real thing, although not in English too

Main square

Inside the colorful parish church

Our Lady of the Really, Really Big Dress

Baptismal, with interesting old murals

Where Holy Water comes from

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