Sunday, March 12, 2017

Arequipa Scenes, 2

More miscellaneous scenes from Arequipa...
In the Plaza de Armas; nicest we have seen, said to be the
nicest in South America

Muy importante: outside every government office, municipal,
provincial, national, you'll find one or more escribenos--
scribes--armed with portable typewriter and the various forms
required for the various transactions at the office...bill of
purchase, taxes, marriage application, whatever; the one on
the left was using the hunt-and-peck system

More of the beautiful Plaza

Three sides are the covered double arcades; the fourth is the

Us, there

With exception of Bordeaux, the strangest cathedral I have seen,
architecturally; the towers are at the bow and stern, starboard

Street scene

Looking back into the Plaza

Pix from the very nice Casa de mi Abuela; our only complaint
is a fatal one: the place had no heat, nada, no central heat, no
room units to loan; night-time temps were in the higher 40s;
you shower while your partner heats the bathroom with the
hair dryer

Remember the two cages birds from Hitchcock's The Birds?

I think the Giardino's are of Italian descent

Kiddie playhouse off the breakfast area

Early morning street scene--I was hoping to catch a glimpse of

Saw plenty of Chachani, however

And Pichu Pichu

Inside the stark, uninteresting cathedral

Local specialties at a pretty good restaurant...fried guinea pig
(tastes like chicken)(they say)

And alpaca with quinoa; yum

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