Sunday, March 12, 2017

Arequipa Mercado

Our Arequipa tour included the city market, very interesting to us because of all the things we had never seen before...
The mercado

Peru boasts (yes, boasts) of 3,000 varieties of potatoes; one of
our guides said 4,000, but then he was the one who claimed the
Pieta in Puna was authentic and the one in the Vatican was
only a copy

Popcorn store; some of the corn kernels are thumbnail sized

Spare animal parts

Yuge fish, 3 feet long, half a foot thick

More fishes

Among the 4,000 varieties of potato

Among the 5,000 varieties of Peruvian potatoes


Memories of Kauai; vengeance is mine

Among the 6,000 varieties of Peruvian potatoes; under the
hundred pound sack, is a small man, my age; travel often
makes you wonder at the way the cards were dealt

Muy interessante...freeze-dried potatoes, the
old-fashioned way: high in the Andes, freeze
in snow for days, then air-dry for days


Including many new to us


Potato-bread with cute faces; among the 7,000 varieties

The juice bar, which extends the entire width of the large
building; there must be 50 independent stations

Big corn



Hat aisle

Ornaments for ceremonial occasions, weddings,
birthdays, bar mitzvahs, etc; need a real
stuffed baby alpaca?

Maybe an alpaca fetus?

Not so much cheese

Lots of coca leaves

Does you church need a Mary Magdaline?

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