Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Vina del Mar

Our third day in Valparaiso we took the train to nearby Vina del Mar, Valparaiso's putatively upscale resort neighbor. We were not so impressed. It reminded us mostly of south Florida, our home, originally, including the run down parts. At least as we remember it. Oh well.
The annual summer musical festival was going on

Xmas tree

Random city/beach scenes...

Just washed up there, so they made it a hotel/restaurant

Big surf on a calm and clear day

Looking up the coast toward more of Vina del Mar

And back toward Valparaiso


City park

The sea wall is a 1/2 mile long display table of assorted crafts,
trinkets, crap

The beach, such as it is

Up the coast again; interesting how the condos are terraced
down to the sea; Inca design?

Few go in because of the harshness of the surf, the temperature
(Humboldt current) and the undoubted pollution


We stopped for a snack; Vicki really wanted to try the laminated
beef; but had an ice cream instead; not laminated

Street scene: bagged at both ends

Tagging in Vina del Mar

Raw male chicken...new culinary sensation

"Chorrillanas" is the name of the "heart attack
on a plate" dish; must remember; "Burgogne"
is the wine/strawberry drink that pairs with it

Back in Valparaiso, looking to where we've been across the bay;
and cities beyond; lots of people

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