Sunday, January 22, 2017


Having done the market, we were hungry, and in the mood for the other Argentine national pastime (not futbol), grilled meat. Average beef consumption in Argentina is 119 lbs. Chicken and pork and fish are considered vegetables. We wanted to avoid the tourist parillas in Recoleta and so headed for Desnivel, a neighborhood parilla of some note in Telmo. The real thing.

Use of cutlery is an extra 20 pesos; but it tastes better ripped
apart by hand...

In addition to the Malbec (obligatoire) I had the national
cocktail, Fernet Branca in Coke; worst thing I have ever put
in my mouth; but, hey, it's a cocktail..

Ceiling decor

Other decor

Where the action is

By the door, the real action

Viva Argentina!

The bread is served on a leather tray; lots of leather in this

A simple lunch: Vicki has the chorizo, I have the luomo; and

Proper garlic/parsley frites; not the powdered crap

No need for doggie bags as we stagger/waddle away...

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Tawana said...

Wes would have loved that meal minus the garlic!