Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Museo Belles Artes

We should have gone to one of BA's museums of Latin American art. That would have entailed knowing something about Latin American Art, however, and, alas, we know very little, and thus would have gained very little in a visit. Next time we will do better. (And we're increasingly thinking, after just a few days, there will be a next time here). In any case, we visited the Museo Belles Artes, which features quite a bit of the European art we have come to know fairly well. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, and the place was packed.
BA's Museo Belles Artes

Not a Rembrandt self-portrait; looks like his second wife

A Pietro Pablo study (Rubens)

A Cranach!

Another Rubens

A Zuberan; we like pointy hats from the
Inquisition (nobody expects the Spanish

Domenikos Theotokopolos; the Greek

Gustave Courbet, Orange Sea

The first of several Goyas

We'll be in Prado in a few months

A The Kiss in marble

More Goya

Another Goya, featuring a papal fly-by

Eugene Boudin, The River at Portrieux

Manet, The Nymph Surprised

I was hoping to make art history by identifying
a lost Fragonard, but it was only a Fantin-Latour

Monet, on the Seine

An early Toulouse-Lautrec

Never, ever miss a Berthe Morisot

Or a pretty Renoir

Or a Gauguin

Interesting place, and a reminder of how young
this city is

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Tawana said...

Just don't think about fabulous European art in Argentina. Wonder why we don't think much about South America at all?