Monday, January 30, 2017

Iguazu Falls, 1

The Iguazu Falls are generally considered the earth's greatest waterfall complex. Of course, there are many ways to describe waterfalls...height, width, volume of water, whether seasonal or perennial, how many steps, etc. Iguazu are neither highest nor greatest volume, but, at nearly 3 km, they are certainly the widest. The Falls are basically in a fish-hook array, with the hook on the Brazilian side. On the Argentine side, there are three basic trails for viewing the falls, a long boardwalk to the Devil's Throat, the hook, down which pours 50% of the water. The upper and lower trails take you to view the longer stretch entirely on the Argentine side. Of course, there are Maid of the Mist types of excursions, flora/fauna excursions, jungle excursions. It is all in a sizable and popular national park, although many hundreds of miles from most of Argentina. How all this happens is that the great Iguazu River comes down from jungle Brazil and, at the Argentina and Paraguay borders, the basalt plain that carries it gives way to sedimentary rock. Thus the extent of the falls. It certainly is one of the most impressive sights and sounds we have experienced, and we spent two days experiencing the Falls, in addition to the two partial days coming and going from Buenos Aires. Jan. 18-19.

Arriving early, we headed first for the Devil's Throat, hoping to
avoid crowds

The Argentine side has these neat catwalks that take you out
over the river right up to the falls

First sight of the Devil's Throat

Still working on our ussie technique

The Devil's Throat

What follows is mostly an assortment of views at the Devil's

The Brazilian side and its viewing stand


Pretty exceptional place

By the time we were back to the train station to get to the Devil's
Throat boardwalk, it was totally packed

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