Wednesday, January 25, 2017

El Caminito

Fortified by our lunch, we ventured on into La Boca, another old barrio, to see El Caminito, a neighborhood of brightly painted and corrugated buildings, something of an artist colony, now something of a tourist trap. BA's answer to Pigeon Forge, we thought.
Haven't see this sort of thing since Istanbul; of course, in the
US people live in containers this size

Approaching El Caminito


Tango on display

Monument to firemen

Vicki showing her devotion (putting a coin in
the box); we're still waiting to hear how we can
use the plenary dispensations we earned at
St. Pierre's church in Antakya (Antioch); see

Having gotten the gist, we walked on to the harbor

And took a taxi across town, in the rain

Past more of impressive BA...

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