Thursday, January 19, 2017

Crystal Bridges Museum Of American Art, Inside 2

What follows is the tiniest selection of paintings from Crystal Bridges. We left impressed with the museum but also with our need to learn more about American art.
Karen LaMonte, Dress Impression with Wrinkled
2007; not in the main collection but so

Edward Dalton Marchant, Samuel Beals Thomas, with his
, 1830; love the shades

John James Audubon, Wild Turkey Cock, Hen, and Young, 1826

James Wooldridge, Indians of Virginia, 1675

George Catlin, Indian Encampment, 1852

Samuel F. B. Morse, Marquis Lafatette, 1829;
yes, that Morse, of code fame; he was a portrait
artist before becoming an inventor; good career

Richard Caton Woodville, War News from
, 1848; President U. S. Grant characterized
the "Mexican-American" war as "that most
shameless of wars," a power grab of the strong
against the weak; visit Los Pinos to see what
Mexico looked like in 1848; no worries,
though, they're slowly but surely taking it all

John Frederick Kensett, View of Mount Washington, 1852

Thomas Moran, View of the Catawissa in Autumn

Albert Bierstadt, Indian Encampment

Thomas Moran, Green River Valley, 1878

Frederic Remington, Cowpuncher's Lullaby,
1906; among the specimens of the biggies...
but no Charlie Russell as yet

Mary Cassatt, Summertime, 1894; lots of Cassatts here

John Singer Sargent, Robert Louis Stevenson and His Wife,
1885; she's the tumble of gold on the right

Maxfield Parrish, The Lantern Bearers, 1908

Another Cassat, The Reader, 1877

Winslow Homer, Return of the Gleaner, 1877

Two Georgia O'Keefes

Add caption

Jim Dine, The Garden of Eden, 2003

Mark Tansey, Landscape, 1994

Felix Gonzalez Torres, a bunch of hard candy plowed into a

Tom Utich, Enassamishhinjijweian, 2009

Andrew Wyeth, Airborne, 1996

Duane Henson, Man on a Bench, 1977

A Warhol, of course

ill Barnett, Woman Reading, 1965

John Koch, Studio--End of the Day, 1961

Norman Rockwell, Rosie the Riveter, 1943

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Tawana said...

Yea! Great to see these photos. I reached in the pocket of my coat the other day and pulled out a green piece of candy from our trip there with you. It was a fun day. Hope you are having a great time down there.