Monday, January 30, 2017

Bariloche, 2

Much of our weekend in Bariloche was spent researching excursions. Bariloche is the gateway to Patagonia but also the capital of Argentina's lake district, providing access as well to Chile's lake district. It took a couple days to research and consider and make reservations, but we decided to do both the "crossing of the Andes" bus/boat trip to Puerto Varas, Chile, and the "seven lakes" excursion to San Martin de los Andes, in Argentina. While all this was under way, we managed to see a bit more of Bariloche and environs. BTW, properly speaking, it's San Carlos de Bariloche. Jan. 20-22.
Crossing the Andes...four buses, three boats...

And after the lake districts, the above...why not do them all?

Bariloche is on Lago Nahuel Huapi; on the eastern slopes of
the Andes are many, many huge mountain lakes; Nahuel Huapi
is among these; it reminded us of both Lake Tahoe and Flathead
Lake in Montana; except that Nahuel Huapi is larger and very
largely undeveloped, except at Bariloche; it is a huge, formerly
glacial lake

Walking along the shoreline


Local art

Crafts market

Bariloche plage

Still eating well: a Milanesa (breaded pork or veal, cheese,

Another removal! This time to the nice Hosteria Amapolas,
where we stored gear and then spent three more nights

Sculpture above a brew-pub

One day we took bus #20 up to Llao Llao, a hotel of some
note, for the views of Nahuel Huapi and environs

El Tronador, the Thunderer, the volcano and big mountain of
the area; the thunder refers to avalanches of its glaciers

Nahuel Huapi from Llao Llao's golf course

Porta Panuel, from whence we will be taking the catamaran to
begin our crossing of the Andes; and return

The port; fleet's in

Llao Llao; non-patrons are not permitted except with a guide

Where's the protein (beef)? Breakfast spread at Amapolas

Time for one more helado... (alas, not very good)

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