Monday, January 30, 2017

Bariloche, 1

After delays in flights from Iguazu and then from Buenos Aires, we arrived in Bariloche as the sun set. The street our hostel was on was blocked off and crowded by several hundred younger persons, and each bar on the street seemed to have its own band out on the street, all blaring away. Somehow it all seemed right. Our hostel was billed as a vegan hostel (!). After checking in and unpacking, we headed out to explore and find dinner. Jan. 20-22.

So have you ever wondered what a vegan hostel would be
like, especially in this land of the parilla?

Actually, pretty nice, as hostels go; Commons area

Bath room down the hall

By day

Bands were playing all over the centro historico

These guys were great

After looking around a bit (this in a chocolate store), we
noticed it was 10:30 and that the restaurants were beginning
to fill up

Picture actually taken at 11PM

Vicki had a stuffed pasta thing whose name we have lost, and
I had the trout with roquefort sauce

Next day we ventured out to see a bit of the town (population
150,000); here a pano of the centro civica

Robert E. Lee and Traveler emigrated here after Appamattox

In addition to the apparently feral dogs, Bariloche also has a
number of traditionally-attired St. Bernards; for a price you
can pose with one; maybe get a shot of brandy too

My favorite weird tree, the Monkey Puzzle, is
native here and especially across the mountains
in Chile

As much as anything else, Bariloche is the chocolate capital of

Home to some of the largest chocolate store I have seen; and I
have seen a few

Life-sized futbols and rabbit; alas, the chocolate was not quite
up to our standard; on the flight down,we had been munching
the last of the Caillet Will had brought us from Geneva...

But they do wonderful gelatos too

Never a lack of mate' kits; love the camo

Not Disney princess, but close; they start kids on mate' before
they're potty-trained, we were told

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