Tuesday, November 1, 2016

More New Hampshire

We proceeded on...to Conway and some shopping and then beyond Conway into the White Mountain National Forest and a beautiful little campsite at the Hancock campground, marred only by the rain that came just as we were really getting into the campfire (we had just finished the s'mores and beer).
At Hancock campground, White Mountain NF

View from along the highway

A stop for a little hike in the yellow woods

The creek (or "crick" as they say in Montana)

The falls, part of them

Driving on to Peterborough...this, I was told, was
the first public library in the United States of

Main street, Peterborough

You have to feel pretty good about a
place where the Unitarian (Universalist)
church is still going strong

And the Baptist church has been
converted into a multicultural museum


Neat item in a neat store

Main street view

Town administrative offices

Peterborough also enjoys some fame as the "real"
site of Thornton Wilder's Our Town, a great play
that many of us were forced to read in high school

A paltry example of something we saw throughout
New England, a house joined on to a garage or barn
or both by another building; some of them (not
pictured) were huge

In Peterborough (or was it Jaffrey?) there was also
a humongous display of scarecrows, these done
by school kids; hmmm, not so sure about the one
on the left... 

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