Tuesday, November 1, 2016

From MA To PA

At length we left New Hampshire and drove on into Massachusetts. The need to take a day off, and then a serious cold spell, kept us hunkered down in Pittsfield a couple days, but then we drove on into Massachusetts, and then, quickly, through Connecticut and New York to Pennsylvania. We had visited Pittsfield earlier, in the 90s, when Rebecca was teaching at Miss Hall's School there.
On into the Berkshires

No corpses or zombies in cars at...

Louis XVIII we guessed


Deeper into the Berkshires and color

By a creek at a roadside rest

Wait a second...what happened to Connecticut, New
York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas
and Georgia?! And where are the palm trees?!

View from Florida, MA

Descending now into North Adams

Flashing forward...crossing the Hudson

And then in Milford, PA, and the home of Charles
S. Pierce, the founder of Pragmatism

Nice digs for a philosopher...now the administrative
offices of the Delaware Water Gap National Park or
somesuch; reminded me of an incident where I had
expressed astonishment that the Cuyahoga was now
a National Scenic River (it used to burn regularly
when I was in Ohio) and was informed, by a ranger
friend out west, that, well, 2/3s of the US population
still lives in the eastern time zone, and they like
parks too...

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