Thursday, October 6, 2016

Yevre Le Chatel

Our reservation at Camping Indigo Paris was up, and it was time for us to move on anyway. And so we left Paris again, resolving, as always, to return. Our plan was to wander generally south and west, in the direction of Spain's Costa Brava, but with explorations along the way of France's Central Massif, of the Ardeche Canyon, and the newly opened cave paintings at the Caverne Pont D'Arc. And a stop at the Cathedral of St. Etienne in Bourges, our favorite. Our first stop, on the way to Bourges, was the village of Yevre Le Chatel, which boasts a real 14th century chateau. This was the first of several "pretty little villages," on this part of our summer travels.
The chateau/castle, one tower of which

Walking about in the village

More castle

Village lane

A micro market was under way; we would see smaller markets
as the journey progressed

A happenin' place

View from the hill

Still more castle

The little church...locked up tight despite its
being Sunday

Gateway carving

Why Europeans are such good drivers

Church view

Pretty little village

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