Sunday, October 9, 2016

Temple Of Mercury

In the second century CE the Romans built a temple to the god Mercury atop Le Puy de Dome. For centuries it was thought to be the remains of a Roman fort, but in the 19th century was finally recognized as a temple. Clermont-Ferrand (Augustonemetum) even in Roman times was a major Gallo-Roman city, a crossroads in Gaul, of which Lyons was capital. The French have undertaken a reconstruction of the temple, and there is an excellent little museum also on the broad summit. Mercury is the god of travelers and is thus especially revered in our household (RV-hold?)
Love the old signs

Some of the extensive remains

More...the museum is behind, in a meteorological station

19th century conception of what it looked like

A bit of contemporary perspective

Roman road marker..says "Don't mess with Rome"; wait, no

OK, it's a mile marker

After the long tribute to Emperor Claudius, it says
Augustonemetum is 21,000 steps down the road; makes you
appreciate today's road signs

Some background

Statuette of the god Mercury, a votive offering
found nearby

Patron saint, I mean god, of travelers, among other

A bit of the reconstruction

Ultimate plan

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