Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Return To Middle California, Again, 2016

Thanks to Carole and Jim's hospitality and great food and drink, not to mention the unending entertainment of Maisey and Cooper, their two Havanese, we had a great revisit to South Florida and Ft. Lauderdale. Alas, the only photo I have of this time--I was enjoying it too much--is of the two dogs. But it is not suitable for a family website. (Carole said it was a dominance thing on Maisey's part.) We'll let it go. Anyhow, thanks again, Carole and Jim. After the Nova reunion, we flew back to Middle California and Menlo Park, to reclaim our American camper, Le Sport, from storage, to reorganize and repack, and to spend some time with grand-daughter Penelope and her parents.
Family hike: Vicki and me, Penelope, Rebecca, and Jeremy

P doing stretches after the hike; she learned about stretches at
Tu Tu Camp this summer

It's Daddy's birthday, but P is clearly
overwhelmed by the dessert options from the
kiddie menu

Ballet lesson

Strapped in, ship-shape and Bristol fashion for
a camping trip with Grandma and Grandpa

To old-friend Pinnacles National Park, the
nearest source of old-friend rhyolitic breccia

A rest stop on the trail; note rock climbers in
the background

In one of Pinnacles' caves

Our campsite at Pinnacles...and Le Sport, now ready to undertake
a big cross-country trip

Always hard to leave our little princess behind

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