Saturday, October 1, 2016

Picasso Museum, Paris

Paris' Picasso Museum was closed when we were last in the city, in 2014. It had been closed, for renovations, for five years. At length, the ministry of culture ran out of patience and sacked the director. The museum opened, to great fanfare, in October, 2014; under new management. We are not Picasso fans, but this is one of the great museums. The 5,000 works of art, manuscripts, notes, sketches, etc., came to France in lieu of payment of death taxes. The collection is housed in the ancient Hotel Sale in the Marais.

L'Arbor, 1907

Verre D'Absinthe, 1912-1914

The museum is noted for its collection of
Picasso sculpture


Stairwell in the Hotel Sale

Femme a L'Enfant, 1961

Didn't get its name

Picasso also did sculpture in metal...OK, not Rodin

And other media

Jeanne, 1901

Autoportrait, 1901

He was always sketching something...

The hotel in Antibes evidently did not accept this as payment
...too bad for them

Portrait de Marie-Therese, 1937

Vaulting in the ancient Hotel Sale

La Baie de Cannes, 1950

Cafe a Royan, 1940

Corrida: La Mort du Torero, 1933

Bacchanale avec Chevreau et spectateur, 1959

Not quite the entertainer that Dali was, but he had his moments...
not pictured: items from his collection of works by Matisse,
Courbet, Renoir, et al.

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