Friday, October 14, 2016

On To Theuyts And The Ardeche

We proceeded on. Our next objective was the Pretty Little Village of Pradelles, which was over-run by the kind of holiday traffic jam at which the French particularly excel. We drove through the town twice trying to extricate ourselves, and never did see what was supposed to be pretty. So we continued on to the Ardeche, a major river of the south known for its beautiful gorges...and, more recently, for its cave paintings. We got as far as Theuyts, which ought to be considered one of the beaux villages, but isn't.
Just a few hundred meters from the aire de camping-cars in
Theuyts, one of the early gorges on the Ardeche opens...

The Bridge of the Devil...which looked Roman to us

You can do some climbing around the Pont de Diable, using
the Via Ferrata, a route with iron hand- and foot-holds, stairs,
ladders, cables, etc.

Thus; and in English too

Beautiful tree-lined entry to Theuyts

Details of a large mural about work in Theuyts

In the old town, Renaissance architecture here
and there

Liberty Tree?

The aire

Next day, some miles down the road, we came upon this chateau
undergoing renovation

And, the largest relief map ever, so far; 25 feet by 50 feet, I'd
say; a map of the region

There's Theuyts and Pont de Diable

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