Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The day after Grand Pre we drove from Nova Scotia's Bay side to its Atlantic side to see another World Heritage site, the town of Lunenburg. Lunenburg was chosen as an exemplar of British colonial towns and for its well-preserved buildings. I'll let the pix speak mostly for themselves.
The thing that caught our eyes was this beautiful
old Anglican church, St. John's

Many old houses and buildings of note

A little reminiscent of Dublin...

Dollar Store (Loonie=$CA1, Toonie=$CA2)

In a collectible store; we stimulated the local
economy modestly

Art Nouveau bank, early 1900s; not part of the
World Heritage thing, presumably

Nearby city bench

Not sure whether the paint colors match the 18th
century originals...

Harbor view

Interesting place; better without the rain!

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