Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Le Puy En Velay's Cathedral

It's Romanesque-old, large, with some interesting frescoes, but in general did not impress. I think we like our cathedrals set firmly in the past, not the present.
Other things situated on rocks in Le Puy en
Velay: St. Michel d'Aiguilhe chapel

Approaching the main entrance to the cathedral

Coquille St. Jacques

At the entrance

The World Heritage plaque

Oldish column near the entrance

Among the more interesting frescoes left


Big non-Romanesque organ ( despite the architecture, this
place reeked of Baroque)

Main feature, the raiment of the Virgin Mary

Certainly not the "real" raiment; leading me to wonder if they
dress it up on occasion, like the Mannequin Pis; really creepy


More fresco

Early version of the Little Mermaid

Another column of interest, out on the south

Pilgrims (pelerins) or possibly pilgrim re-enactors, approaching
the door where they get blessed (The Way is a really good movie
about the contemporary Camino Santiago)

View of the city from the cathedral grounds

No funny faces here

Door to the cloisters not taken; it was too close
to quittin' time

What we would have seen

Nice tiled steeples

Notre Dame de France (metal, 1860s); "Wave
hello to all the people, Baby J!"

From the aire that evening

Lasting memory of Le Puy en Velay

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