Friday, October 28, 2016

Hill Farmstead Brewery

Daughter Rachel is a beer aficionado and wanted us to look for a couple special craft IPAs while in Vermont. We found Heady Topper in Richmond, not far from Burlington. The Hill Farmstead Brewery was a little farther afield, near Greensboro Bend. Worth the trip, as they say. But our little RV fridge has been loaded with beer for a couple weeks now! (We turn it over to Rachel tomorrow).
I'm not an IPA fan, but if I were, I'd really like
this stuff; can be bought in select stores and eateries
near Burlington

Hill Farmstead is a different matter, available
generally only at the brewery; in the parking lot
were cars from all over the northeast and as far
away as Ohio and Virginia; midweek; reminded
us a little of Westvleteren and the Abbey of St.
Sixtus...a little

The brewery complex

Closer up

The brewery

This where you go to a) take a number, and then b)
buy or c) have your 750ml bottles or 2 liter
growlers filled with the six or so different varieties
available; while waiting, I had a Susan, the closest
thing to the super hoppy Abner (which is not sold
by the glass); people who like this sort of thing will
find this just the sort of thing they like; I think
Rachel will like it a lot

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