Friday, October 21, 2016

Grand Pre

Grand Pre is another Nova Scotia World Heritage Site, in this case celebrating the French Acadian community in Nova Scotia which was driven away following the so-called French and Indian War, which the French lost. Quel dommage. The Acadians, some of them, went south and became the Cajuns of Louisiana. Much was lost in translation. All this is celebrated, however, in Longfellow's epic poem Evangeline, which, as every school boy/girl knows, was written in dactylic hexameter, Homer's meter. At Grand Pre, the Acadians built a dike against the Bay of Fundy and reclaimed considerable farm land, still tilled. For us, it was a somewhat brief visit, since the visitor center had already closed. The hour was late and smoke already was rising from the mountain of doom....

Helpful illustration

Bay of Fundy from Grand Pre plage...low tide


Reclaimed land

Community church

Of course sea level can vary considerably here; mean sea level?

We proceeded on....

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