Saturday, October 15, 2016

Figueres/Barcelona/Ft. Lauderdale

Our plan for the spring of 2017 is to do Spain and Portugal. Hence, we wanted to store Le Duc in Spain, somewhere at the beginning of the proposed trip. This turned out to be old-friend Figueres, home of the Dali museum. So, after a day's drive from the Ardeche, we checked into Camping Laguna, on the Costa Brava, to get the camper ready for storage and to pack for the trip back to the States.
At Camping Laguna

Doing the inventory of items to be left in Europe;note two
plants upper right, Venus and Basil, given to a Brit expat family
living in Poitiers

With time for a few walks on the beach

Enjoying the ambiance; and the sangria

More typical of the Costa Brava than campgrounds

Tree hugging

Beach scene

They're really into kite surfing here

After putting the camper in storage at Figueres, we caught the
train to Barcelona and the next morning  took an early flight to

Miami, where sister Carole picked us up and
sped us to the safety of her home in Fort

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