Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cape Breton Island

We spent most of the next three days, October 4-6, driving and hiking on Cape Breton Island. It really is an island, separated from the mainland by a narrow channel and joined by a low bridge. We spent the night of the 4th in an actual campground, at Cape Breton Island Highlands National Park.
Vicki by a fallen giant burl at the

Automated weather station at the campgound

Driving the NP highway which passes through much
of the island

Nice views

Road work--two construction workers, belayed,
spraying water on a cliff high over the repaved

Views from our hike on the Skyline Trail

Apart from the ferns, not much sign of autumn here

Dangerous country

North side of island

One of our better wild camping sites, near Neil's
Cove on the Atlantic side

But for the fog horn on this buoy, half a mile off

Everywhere we drove, there were lobster traps
piled in front yards, some for sale, and many
fishing boats

On the NP's Cove Loop

Note lobster traps and boats; turns out lobster
season was over July 31st


Another quirk of CBI...nearly every house had a
box like this out front, some nicely painted...turns
out they were for trash pick-up

At the glass-blowers federation coop

Very Scottish part of the island; said
to have more fiddlers per capita than
anywhere else

Autumn beginning to show

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