Friday, October 7, 2016

Bourges Cathedral, 2016

We visited Bourges and its Cathedral of St. Etienne twice in 2013, and I posted several items on this, one of our favorite churches:, and So I won't do the whole thing again, much as I like looking at it all again. Here are just a few pix, hopefully not (much) duplicating previous posts.
Standard view from the garden, starboard bow

There is a good deal of Medieval sculpture at Bourges; this
the least of it, but interesting

Play of stained light

One among the many reasons to like Bourges is the very ample
signage all over the great building; and in English, too

Thus; see below

Bourges' meridian, as explained above, a device
for ascertaining the precisely right time to
celebrate whatever you're celebrating; it's the
straight line under the chairs

Speaking of which, this was the Feast of the Assumption, a
national holiday in France; they made all us pagan tourists
leave, but I got this one shot; not pictured, a handful of gendarmes
in and about the church, full body armor and automatic weapons
(another terrorist incident recently, the radicals evidently trying
to provoke a religious war)


St. Ursin window; I can't resist posting just a few...

"Double, double, toil and trouble"...wait, no

Nice jaws of Hell

Christian graffiti

More play of stained light

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