Saturday, October 1, 2016

Auberge Nicolas Flamel, Again

We think this was our fourth visit to Nicolas Flamel. Apart from the superb food, it is in the oldest house in Paris, and it has a story...Nicolas Flamel, the early 15th century alchemist. (The kiddie meal is called "The Harry Potter.") Rebecca and Jeremy discovered it in 2009, and it has never disappointed us. On the contrary. So, despite being in this city with almost unlimited restaurant options, we went with the old favorite. And had another memorable meal. BTW, the French couple next to us were taking as many pix as we were. Treats for the eyes, as well as the nose and mouth.
The amuse-bouche; the foamy peas were incredible

My appetizer, smoked salmon, iced peas cream, squid ink biscuit

Vicki's main: beef filet, aubergine canneloni, potato spaghettis,
reduced gravy

My main: hake filet, mussels, quinoa and vegetables, white
butter; look closely and you'll also see a few samphire (sallicornes)

Vicki's chocolate souffle, caramel with salted butter ice cream

And my Grand Marnier souffle

Us, eating well

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